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Protect sensitive data by creating encrypted volumes
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VeraCrypt is intended to protect sensitive data by creating encrypted volumes. The tool allows storing files in an encrypted container file, which you can mount as a virtual drive. Moreover, it can encrypt a partition or a drive, even if it stores system files. Since the tool supports on-the-fly-encryption, there will not be any leftovers after the volume is unmounted.

Despite the evident complexity of encrypting operations, VeraCrypt can be used by any user who has a minimum background about working with encryption algorithms and virtual drives. Luckily, there is a wizard as well as tutorials to guide you through the process. Although creating an encrypted drive may still entail some difficulty for inexperienced users, mounting a drive and manipulating its contents is likely to be easy for anyone.

VeraCrypt has various features that can help you keep your data secure from intruders. First, it supports creating hidden volumes so that unauthorized people cannot even know that you are hiding information. Probably, its most valuable asset is related to the possibility of using various very strong encryption algorithms. Not only that, you can even combine up to three of these algorithms. And, as if this were not enough, the tool also supports various hash algorithms and uses cryptography generated by random mouse movements. All in all, if these features are combined with a strong password created by the user, the data can be kept secure from brute-force attacks.

In general, VeraCrypt is considered one of the best tools of its kind. A program like this is crucial in providing successful encryption to keep trespassers away. However, there is no 100% effective tool. In this respect, VeraCrypt was recently found to have some flaws related to the UEFI-compatible bootloader, which were eventually fixed. Yet, it is still believed to have other vulnerabilities, which, if discovered, may be used by hackers. Luckily, its developers are aware of this liability and are continuously updating the product.

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  • Uses very strong encryption algorithms which can be combined
  • Creates hidden volumes
  • Can encrypt a file or a whole drive
  • Effective against brute-force attacks
  • Creates encryption patterns based on random mouse movements


  • May still contain some vulnerabilities
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